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Datalatics is a Scala Development Company. Well, Scala is a programming language. It invents by Mr. Martin Odersky and his research team in the year 2003. It is a robust and high-caliber programming language. That changed the world of big data. It is capable enough. To outrun the speed of the fastest existing programming languages.

It is a compiler-based and multi-paradigm language. Which is solid, quick and well organized. The major advantage of this is the JVM. The code is first compiled by a Scala compiler. And the byte code for the same code generated. That will transfer to the Java Virtual Machine to generate the output. This language released in public in 2004. It provides support for functional programming. And is designed to be concise and compiled to Java byte code. So the app can execute on a JVM. Such that, this became the key to success for managing the big-data.

Why We Need This?

It is capable to work with the data. That save in a distributed function. It accesses all the available resources. And it supports parallel data processing. It supports the fix data. And it has support to the higher-order functions.

It is an upgraded version of Java. This was designed to eliminate the code that not needed. It supports multiple libraries and APIS. That will allow the programmer to achieve less down-time. It supports many types of constructs. That enables the programmer to work with wrappers types with ease. Now we understand the needs for which we need this. Let us move on and compare this with other languages. And find out why it gets an edge above the other related languages.

scala language

Here We Compare the Scala and Other Languages

The Name Scala show that the language is capable of offering. Now you can ask a question. Are the latest languages like Python, Ruby, Perl, and Java not scalable? The answer is true this is expandable. But with some limits like the boiler plated codes like system.print in Java. This is created to beat these limits. And reduce the execution time and difficulty of the code.

Twitter introduced in America in the year of 2006. And the developers used ruby on rails as their choice to develop this app. That later proved out to be a wrong choice. Then they had to manage the huge size of big data. That was dropping into Twitter. Then they switched their back end to Java. And they used this as their new programming language. They used to handle big data using Hadoop and Spark frameworks. That's work amazing.

The Features of Scala

It Is An Object-Oriented Language:

It is both a functional and object-oriented language. Every variable and value that is used in it. And it clears saved as an object by default.

It Is An Expandable Language:

It can support many language constructs. This support without the need of any DSL extensions. DSL like Libraries, and APIS.

It Is A Statically Typed Language:

It ties the data-type to the variable in its whole scope.

It Is A Functional Language:

It gives a light syntax to explain the functions. That supports the higher-order functions. It allows to functions to be nested.

The Ability of the Exchange the Info:

It compiles the code using the compiler. And they convert code into Java Byte Code. And they execute it on JVM. These are the Features of Scala development. And now move on its few of the frameworks. For that, this is capable to support.

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