PHP Projects and Development Services

Datalatics create great PHP projects for clients. We provide web development services from Pakistan to worldwide. Our team get skills from years of experience in web apps development. We have been working in PHP projects from years. For the last decade, we have attained skills in varied app structure. We offer the services of experts in web design.

We offer programming services for global users. You can hire our PHP developers who are experts. We have been in the business of custom software for a decade. We are a great expert in Small Team Software. We are expert in the following Agile Methods. We provide the development with the full support of our deep experience.

Our programmers create apps high secured and with high experience. We make multi-user, robust, high valued and show web apps. We have worked in multiple classes. Some of our big come with embody building community websites. Some come from content and document management systems, e-learning software etc. Our experts have strong skills in database layer creation with File-Maker and MySQL.

We use SQL Server, PostgreSQL (PGSQL) to build 2-tier and 3-tier web apps. Our team has developed many rich internet apps. We use PHP, HTMbL5, JavaScript, AJAX, jQuery, Node.JS, etc for web apps. Our programmer has wide skills in many personal home page scope comes. This gives work ability to our applications team.

They generate reports in various formats like PDF. They use Excel, HTML, RTF, XML for a fast and cheap method. Besides, expertise have reporting tools like Jasper Reports. Over the past few years, we have a maintenance team for a personal home page. Our team has gained good experience in web apps.

Our support team is supporting personal home page tasks. Our team is developing tasks for our clients. From our company team, we have a team of creation QA testing engineers. They are responsible for our high-quality apps. Our QA team takes care of the QA and testing of the systems. They test under creation and third-party testing of ready apps.

We are a PHP projects development company that have strong skills. We have skills in custom CMS processing and structure based on MVC. Where clients get to benefit from modular, durable, and sensible code. We use structure in our web apps. In this way, we build apps in a faster way. Our team great in personal home page template processing.

Our team has good experience in developing components. We expose them as web service for the users of our client. We integrate various features to the web service. Our Solutions have been developing business apps for more than ten years.

Our years of hands-on experience and a dedicated team help our users. Experts at Datalatics have deep knowledge of the various frameworks. That is in vogue these days. Our team has certified developers that help to expand our client base.