Project Description

Our focus over the years was email marketing and software development. With many years of experience navigating the email marketing industry and dealing with constant headaches we decided to release our internal system for validation. With a constant feed of spamtraps and hard bounces from our own and colleagues operations we have one of the best platforms in the industry. Constantly updated and with inhouse developers we are able to provide a quality product at an affordable price point unlike most of our competitors. We look forward to serving you and helping you grow your business and income.



Threat Removal

Remove departmental emails, spamtraps, litigators, duplicates, known complainers, botclickers and clickfraud.


Remove hard bounces from your list and check for social media and ecommerce profiles. Enhance and identify responsive data in your lists.


Remove spamtraps, botclickers, honeypots, litigators. and potentially dangerous emails from your lists. Mail clean and preserve your reputation.

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